Thursday, August 24, 2006

A New Chapter - The 1st Jump

Our novitiate year begins today! Yes, today marks a new beginning for all of us: Yi Lin, Bao Nguyen, Giang Nguyen, Thanh-Tai Nguyen, and Joel Peterson. We stepped into a new life style which is filled with excitements, anxieties, joy, nervousness, uncertainties, and challenges. And yet, we bravely jumped into the river of life. We carry with us a burning missionary zeal. Hopefully, we can confidently dive into the sea that lies ahead.

The Divine Word missionaries (community) at Techny, IL officially welcomed us to the Novitiate this evening during a simple, yet solemn ceremony. We are now part of the SVD family. Fr. Walter , the rector at Techny, presided beautifully and Fr. Jim Bergin, our novice master, delivered a wonderful homily. The Scripture reading for the admission into Divine Word Novitiate was taken from Philippians 3: 7-14.

We received the Constitution of the Society of the Divine Word, a Bible, and a medal of St. Arnold Janssen and St. Joseph Freinademetz on it. These simple gifts are the tools that will help us to be equipped and ready for this new journey.

We are humbled to be invited to join the SVD in discovering and imitating the Divine Word. To gain Christ is our goal and greatest treasure.


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